2013 – Eating Clean


Since we started on our eco journey, I have become absolutely convinced of the difference that good food makes. I am a foodie, SUCH a foodie, but I can totally see the difference in my health when I am eating organic and good quality food. I have Crohns disease, and have gone now a full year without a flare up because of our move to organic food, organic meat in particular I believe.

Whilst this is going on, my husband has gone and become a bit of a running freak. I don’t quite know when it happened but in the last year he has gone from Mr Computer Games to Mr ‘I think I might run an ultra marathon this year.’ So he, too, is keen to investigate how what we eat could impact on his health, and indeed his physical performance (he is blogging too if you’re interested, http://www.mattgoeslong.wordpress.com)

So we have both become really interested in ‘Clean Eating.’ There is a ton of stuff out there about it, but almost all of it is American. So we are hoping to grab hold of some of the principles and try to find out how we can make it applicable to our supermarket and our stomachs. We just eat quite differently to Americans, so we are keen to find recipes that arent too different to the things we eat already.

What is Clean Eating?

In essence, food is ‘clean’ when it is as close as possible to its natural state. It means working with fresh foods rather than processed or prepackaged stuff, including processed flours and sugars
It is NOT the same as a ‘raw’ diet, which suggests that cooking food is bad. ‘Clean’ food is cooked, but usually by me rather than a food production company.
Clean eating diets also focus on eating small amounts regularly, rather than loading tons of food in in one go, so that the body has time to process the food, to avoid energy slumps when the body is too busy digesting to be able to stay awake, and to try to regulate the metabolism.
We are not doing this to try to lose weight, although from what I read, this may be a side effect, but we will still be striving to eat enough and to enjoy our food. We love eating, and we hope that (with some small tastebud adaptations) we will enjoy this food better.

I will be including some (UK Friendly) recipes on here for anyone who fancies a try!


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