New Years Resolution Update: My Sewing Effort so far

So (or should I say sew…) 2013 is a few weeks in, and this year I had a number of new years resolutions, but all of them fit within a theme, which is STABILITY and DISCIPLINE.

The last few years have been about huge life changes, proper ‘becoming a grown up’ stuff, but I really believe this year is about sticking with some stuff, and maintaining some consistency in my life.

Within the spirit of that, I decided I want to focus my craft efforts on sewing this year. I will no doubt still mess around with some other projects, but I want to learn to sew properly. I have never been able to do it, I always give up too easily!! So I can barely sew on a button and have only ever twice used a sewing machine. So I started the year with my embroidery effort which you can see here, and then today I booked myself a sewing lesson.


The lesson was with friend-of-a-friend and creator of Lily loves George and she very kindly agreed to give me three hours. Oooh she is just amazing. So firstly she made a sewing machine NOT seem hideous and impossible to use, which was wonderful. Secondly, in just three hours, she had me sewing hems, applique-ing on butterflies and making button-holes. Now I’m not saying I could do it all again without supervision, but I certainly learned a lot.

It has however made me want a sewing machine as a birthday present…do you sew? What do you use? And why??



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