Eshet Chayil!!!

So I’m pretty late to this party. I’ve seen a few bits about this written on twitter and in blogs for a while, but I’ve just got round to reading this amazing book (mentioned in my previous post) ‘A year of biblical womanhood.’ In it, the author aims to become the biblical ideal woman. She […]

A quick reminder…

Today I need reminding of why I am doing this no make-up thing. Yesterday an oncology nurse told me I looked ill…thats some comment from a woman who sees critically ill children daily. That knocked my spirits. But 1 Peter 3 v 3&4 says “Your beauty should not come from outward adornment, such as elaborate […]


On Friday I made some rhubarb crumble muffins for a party. They were not ‘clean eating’ and not for me. But I had a ton of rhubarb left over, so tonight I thought I’d try out doing something with it. so I had Approx 200g rhubarb 1 tbsp honey 1tbsp maple syrup Enough water to […]

Lent 2013

I think I’ve mentioned previously, but I feel strongly that this year I need to focus on Discipline and Stability. I’m trying to have some consistency in my life, and I’m trying to push myself into being more disciplined in a number of different areas. So I gave up chocolate as a New Years resolution […]

Born and Bread…

I SO want to be a natural mother-earth type. I want to be great at baking and cooking and have a kitchen that everyone feels super comfortable in and wants to stay for hours. I want to make my own clothes, fix things instead of binning them and know how to find the thing someone […]

Time Out

You know when you were young and you were bad, or, in particular when you got yourself so het up that you would scream and cry and couldn’t breathe and most parents knew it was time for you to have a Time Out. I don’t know what yours looked like. Some of my friends were […]