Born and Bread…

I SO want to be a natural mother-earth type. I want to be great at baking and cooking and have a kitchen that everyone feels super comfortable in and wants to stay for hours. I want to make my own clothes, fix things instead of binning them and know how to find the thing someone has spent an hour looking for right in front of their nose…it’s possible I want to become my Mum!!!

But one thing I have to concede¬† about is bread. I cant make it. I’ve tried, but I’m so darn impatient and cack-handed, so I whack in a rough estimate of the ingredients and dont leave them to rise for long enough and then wonder why it looks rubbish.

However, if there is one health consideration I’m convinced of, it is my bodies complete inability to handle white bread. Ooof i get windy!! And bloated and blotchy and, bleurgh!!! So I want to eat beautiful artisan bread and I dont want to spend much on it.

SO, after much nagging and negotiating and putting together of Christmas vouchers I got a breadmaker. And in it, right this minute are all of the ingredients for a Spelt and Honey loaf, and it has a timer all set so that said loaf will be ready at 7am tomorrow for my breakfast. Can I get an Amen?!

Review of bread and maker to follow!!!



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