A quick catch up

I’m not doing well of late at updating this. I will do better. I do have a couple of bits of news…

Firstly, NOT WEARING MAKEUP IS HARD!!! I recognise that this is not exactly news, but I am finding it more difficult than I expected. I have realised that all of the slap I was wearing was covering up the fact that my skin is a lot older than it was the last time I saw it nude for 5 days in a row (probably 15 years ago…)Its actually got dried out and tired and a bit sallow and I had barely noticed. So I’m using a gorgeous organic face oil at night (see below) to at least nourish my face a bit. I’ve had the oil for a while, but haven’t been using it enough!!

The weirdest thing, though, has been that I actually barely recognise myself. Whilst out with friends and siblings this weekend I sort of forgot I wasnt wearing my usual slap, but then when I went to the loo I was shocked by my own face in the mirror. Like I said, it’s been years since I saw my face laid bare except on days when I’m cleaning the house or slobbing out. It’s been a bit of a weird experience. Luckily this first lenten weekend I had my sister-in-law here with me who is taking the same challenge, so we had some moral support.


Second, clean eating has taken a bit of a bashing this weekend, we havent done very well at all, so it is time to get back on it this week. However, I did want to share one very tasty discovery of the last week with you and that is BARLOTTO!!! So as white rice is a no-no when eating ‘clean’, we made a risotto with pearl barley instead of rice. Cooked it up in much the same manner as risotto with some butternut squash, sage, spinach and mozerella cheese YUM!! Its got a gorgeous, nutty flavour that I loved and we will be having that again!




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