My first quilt!!

So this has been a dream for a long time… I have had a ‘quilts’ board on pinterest for about a year, and this week I went and did it. One of the lovely girls at our church, Freya (aged 7) decided she wanted to do something to help children who have less than she does. So tomorrow she is having a cakes and crafts stall to raise money for Comic Relief. How awesome is that?! And I thought this would be a good opportunity to make my first quilt for such a good cause.

I started with a rag quilt, because it seems like it requires less perfection than other quilts…ideal for me! I’ve included the method here because it is just so easy, a great starting project.

So I started off with 4 ‘fat quarters’ of fabric from my local sewing shop. I cut 6″ x 6″ squares out of them, and out of both quilt batting and some thicker material for the back. This was my first error!! The batting squares should only have been 5″ x 5″ so if you do try to replicate, remember that. Neatness of cutting is not too important at this point, just get them cut.


Then I pinned together one of each of the squares and sewed a cross through the middle. You can see its not v neat.


At this point I had to invest in a rotary cutter which I should have got at the start of the project, and used that to trim all of the squares to 5.5″ x 5.5″. Because I hadn’t done the batting slightly smaller than the other squares I then also had to go through with nail scissors and trim that all down…dont make that mistake!!


THEN, sew the squares together WRONG SIDES TOGETHER. ie, pin the material with the back pieces touching. This is the opposite to normal quilting and leaves the rough edges on the quilt front.  Sew each row and then sew the rows together, always wrong sides together. Because of having trimmed all the squares down, they fitted together well.

Then the tough bit. Once it’s all put together, go through and snip through the rough edges at 2 or 3cm intervals accross the whole quilt. This is so that it will fray up nicely. It KILLED my hands. My poor long-suffering husband helped a bit at this point as I was getting grumpy. A couple of episodes of ‘call the midwife’ got us through though.

mrw edge

Finally wash the quilt to fray it up a bit more, and hey presto.


It was only at this point I realised I’d accidentally made a Salvation Army coloured quilt. Hopefully this will be an extra selling point!! Its only a wee one for a first attempt, maybe a play mat size, but this would look great on our guest bed if it was bigger!! I will definitely make again!


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