Living life on purpose

This year I am trying to be different.

For years, too much of my time has been spent worrying about what other people think, or how other people are living their lives, or what people think I should be doing.

And for years I have been so BUSY, moving house, doing uni, getting married, graduating, getting a job. And I swore this year would be different. I’ve mentioned before that this year is, for me, about stability and discipline. Or as someone who tries to get me to be more gentle with myself suggested, its about consistency and self care.

But either way, the result of these efforts has been, I think, that I am living life more like I mean it, more ‘on purpose.’ I have started to be so much more intentional about who I want to be and how I want my life to be. By having some discipline, and choosing a few things to focus my efforts on, I am finding that I’m using time better, using money better and enjoying life more.

This year I am making time for prayer, and my relationship with God is benefiting. I am making time to do things other than TV, and my marriage is benefiting. I am challenging myself to do scary things, and succeeding. I am running and my health is benefiting (this is a general comment, not based on the fact that I have pulled my back and can’t move today…). I am investing in friendships that build me up and challenge me, and I am richer for that. I am focussing my craft efforts on sewing, because that was what I wanted to learn this year, and I’m actually doing it!

I’ve also given up stuff that wasnt helpful to me. I gave up chocolate as a new years resolution because I needed to challenge myself in my self-control. I have also got rid of my iphone and got a £2.99 phone that just does calls and texts, because I needed to learn about being present.

I’ve mentioned my sister-in-law a few times on this blog, but it is actually mostly her who has inspired me. She has set herself a challenge to do 26 things whilst she is 26, and that is helping her to be intentional about this year, giving regular cause to do things that are hard, or things she has wanted to do for a while, and it is giving some purpose to days off and weekends and holidays. Worth a read here.

Expect to see more about that here too, more about the things I really want to achieve, and how I am going about getting there. John 10 v 10 says ‘I came so they can have real and eternal life, more and better life than they ever dreamed of.’ I believe that is the life God wants me to have, so I am chasing after it.

What things do you need to be more intentional about? How could you live your life more ‘on purpose?’



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