Reasons to Smile 03.05.2013

After the success of last week’s post, I’ve decided to do my 5 reasons to smile post again. This week’s been a harder one. Work has been tough, and I have struggled. But it is good for me to find reasons to smile. So here are this weeks.

1) It is salad time!!

It is finally time to stop buying/making soup for lunch at work. It is time to retire my (super awesome) thermos flask to the cupboard until October (Oh Lord, I believe) and start making awesome salads for us to have for lunch. I am SO excited. I have found 3 awesome recipes to try in the next week, what are your favourite salads??

Squash and Barley Salad

Stacked Pear Salads

Lebanese Lentil Salad

2) Yoga!!

I’ve been having some pretty epic back problems lately. Ever since I started running I’ve been having real bad pain. 3 trips to the chiropractor didn’t help (It also didn’t help my bank balance…), much ice-ing and ibuprofen didn’t help, but yoga is helping. Using an app called ‘Swork it pro’ and really giving it a good stretch a few times a week. Fully intend to get out for a run on Sunday to try it out, but the yoga has made me smile.

3) Live below the line

This week a few of my friends have been taking part in Live Below the Line…Living on £1 per day for 5 days to raise money and awareness for the 1.2 billion people who live with on this every day. Sadly, I have Crohns disease, and as such I cant take part (I’ve had at least one text from a participant suggesting that the impact on their bowels is more than I could take…too much info?!).

A friend of mine, Mr Gary Pitt, has done a video commentary which has been HILARIOUS!!! Check his videos out here

I feel massively blessed to know people who want to do this kind of thing,  I am glad that I have been challenged this week about what I spend money on and who I care about. As I wrote last week, my parents live in a country where a majority of people live below that line, so it is inspiring to have friends who are actively doing something about it. It is challenging me about what I can do.

If you fancy supporting this, my brother can be sponsored here or his lovely girlfriend here

4) Personalised Diet Coke

Picked up a bottle of diet coke at lunch today, and it said ‘enjoy diet coke with Emma.’ I was somewhat baffled, so went back to look at the other bottles in the fridge and found this treat



I haven’t done a five day week in a while…this week has come as something of a shock to me, 5 whole days, in the office, 5 days of getting up early and trying to find somewhere to park in the flippin hospital car park. So Bring On The Bank Holiday!!!!! I am excited about 3 whole days with the handsomest man I ever did meet, and spring cleaning my house and eating some freaking salad!!!

What things have made you smile this week?



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