A very soppy bank holiday craft and the best thing I’ve ever cooked

I am loving this weather, and the long weekend, and did I mention the weather?! What a wonderful long weekend, spent mostly hidden away with my boy. We did a big ol’ spring clean on Saturday, proper emptying the cupboards, wiping the shelves, cleaning behind the oven stuff. Spent most of the day on it and it has made the whole place feel so much nicer!!!


Yesterday was church, and naps, and a whole evening of Balderdash hilarity with our church family.  You know when it gets to 11pm and ‘riding crop’ gets read out as ‘riding crap’ that you have crossed the line into complete nonsense, and return is not an option.

And then today we have had various jobs to do, but also managed to squeeze in a trip to the Lavender tea rooms, which is my favourite summer place, and a wander round Salisbury in the sunshine.

CIMG1659 CIMG1660 CIMG1661

And then home to crafts and dinner. I saw this on Pinterest a few weeks ago and thought it was just too cute. So I got a gorgeous picture frame for just £3 from the league of friends shop at work, perfect. Inside is just scrapbook paper that I managed to print onto.


Matt and I work pretty different schedules. His job means quite often he has to drive all over the country, meaning super early starts (like 5am) at which point he creeps round the house, sneaks in to kiss me goodbye to which I grunt and roll over and dont even know he’s been in. However, on the days he doesnt have to drive away, I get up about an hour and a half before he needs to, put all the lights on, use my hairdryer and ask him to make me tea. Because that’s marriage right?! hehe either way, often one or other of us has left before we’ve had a proper conversation in the morning and this seemed like a fun way to keep communicating. We’ve now been married nearly 2 years and it is fun to keep finding ways to show each other we’re still loved up.  So one dry wipe pen and a cheapy photo frame seemed like not too high a price.


And now for dinner in the garden. I tried this recipe a few weeks ago and needed to do it again to make sure it wasnt a fluke. Am I the only one astounded by the goodness and easiness of french onion soup? Hands down the tastiest thing I’ve cooked, and I cook a lot (and I think most of it is pretty tasty.) YUM YUM YUM!! (Not clean eating,but good as a treat!)

Try it out.


That’s all folks, I’m off the enjoy the sunshine!!


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