Reasons to Smile 25/05

Some more lovely reasons to be smiley that I have found this week.

1) Hidden City

This beautiful girl turns 21 on Monday.


For those of you who don’t know Sarah, she’s my brothers girlfriend. They’ve been together nearly a year, and he is crackers about her, and so are we. Imagine the loveliest person you know and double their loveliness, that’s Sarah. So today we went into London for an excellent afternoon tea to celebrate her birthday, and then she’d arranged a hidden city tour. So we split into 4 teams and each team received text clues which took us to a location in London where we had to find a hidden answer, send a text with said answer and then receive the next clue. It included a nice break in the middle for the teams to meet for a drink (or a McFlurry in Leicester Square which was what we ended up with). It was a brilliant way to get her guests to know each other and to spend some quality time in a beautiful city. Amazing!! For more about Hidden City tours, click here

2. Joy the baker blog

I stumbled across Joy the Baker yesterday after following a pin there. Oh my goodness, if my tastebuds could talk they would compose this blog. I have never seen such a collection of yummy foods that I cant wait to cook…in fact I didn’t wait, I literally cooked the balsamic strawberry flatbread yesterday and the orange gingerbread with cream cheese frosting today. I am so besotted with this blog and these foods!!


3. Pitch Perfect

It’s hard to believe this hasnt made it onto one of these lists yet. Yes its trashy, yes its predictable, it’s still my favourite movie!! I love the acapella, I love the characters and I LOVE Fat Amy!!

4.  Using books to make boxes

I have had two birthdays to craft it up for this week, and for both I have used an old book, and cut it out to make a box as a receptacle for jewellry. Both girls got a necklace inside a book. It is the easiest and cutest craft ever!


5. Hannah’s jaunty hat.


Enough said


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