All you need is love

About 18 months ago, my little brother came to stay with us, he was writing his dissertation and needed somewhere to go where he wouldn’t get away with not working. I, too, was writing my dissertation, so we spent some hours in the uni library together. Not the funnest sibling bonding ever.

Right at the start of his few days here, he said to me ‘I met a girl at uni today and asked if I could take her on a date.’

My brother is not the most forward of people, and seemed to be especially nervous around girls, so this was news indeed.

And then he spent a lot of the week he was here texting with a little coy smile on his face…to this girl who it transpired was Northern Irish and was at home for Easter and had agreed to go on a date with him when she returned.


And that was that. Every time I’ve heard him speak about her since, it’s been that same little smile. He called me a few times in those first few weeks with ‘what kind of flowers should I be buying for a girl?’ and one memorable afternoon when he literally called me 17 times to make sure he was cooking dinner right. We were allowed to meet her after a few months, and my parents met her a few months later. Mum did a little jump of glee when, at the end of their stay here last year, they said to her ‘see you next year’ and she said ‘yep, you will!’

Turns out, my brother has excellent taste, because this girl is awesome. She has so quickly become part of our lives, and we love her.

And so does he

And this weekend, he asked her to marry him. And she said yes!!


So, having grown up without sisters, I am going to have two. My wonderful Sister in Law Hannah, and now (soon) the beautiful Sarah Gilkinson (soon to be Webb!)

It is such a blessing that God has provided for my brother someone who is so right for him. She pushes him to be better, to be who he was created to be. They so clearly know where they are going and what they want life together to look like, and they are so passionate about people and Jesus and living in a way that honours Him.

And we are SO excited to celebrate with them when they get married.


We also had a lot of fun making this little treat for them as an engagment gift…CLICK


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