The Day I ran 13.1 miles

Dear all of my PE teachers ever…

You are not going to believe this, no seriously, you are NOT going to believe this, but yesterday I did a half marathon. After all those years of skiving all of your lessons, sometimes with forged notes from my Mum, sometimes with no excuses and just point blank refusal, it turns out I’ve discovered some of the benefits of exercise!

I will confess to not having run the whole way, but I got round, and I actually kind of had fun. Admittedly I was running with two of my favourite people in the whole world, but we did it.


And in the process of both training, and running, I have learned a whole lot about myself. I’ve learned about the strength I have that I didnt think I had. I’ve learned about my stubborness that has kept me going through the really tough training runs. I’ve learned that (and please excuse me quoting one of my favourite tracks to run to) ‘anything that’s worth having is sure enough worth fighting for. Quitting’s out of the question, when it gets tough got to fight some more.’

So we did it. Not in any great time (which annoyingly means I may need to do another one in the future…damn my competitive streak) but we did. And for all of us it represented a really important achievement. And another thing ticked off Hannah’s list.

Incredibly, I also managed to raise over £500 for an amazing charity. Which makes the serious pain I am in today totally worth it!

Props (when did people stop saying props?!) also go to my gorgeous husband for his 1hr 44 mins half marathon, and Benjamin who got in at just under 2 hours. These guys are incredible!



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