You might remember a few weeks ago, I posted this about my struggles with prayer, and some of the things I’ve been thinking about it. I’m still struggling, but have been trying to speak to the people in my world about it. I’ve asked lots of them what they think about it. That’s been helpful, […]


This week I went to a child’s funeral. No-one should EVER have to go to a child’s funeral. Its too awful. Children dying goes against the natural order of things doesn’t it? You’re born, you grow up, you grown old and THEN you die, that’s how it goes. The next generation rise up and replace […]

Living life on purpose

This year I am trying to be different. For years, too much of my time has been spent worrying about what other people think, or how other people are living their lives, or what people think I should be doing. And for years I have been so BUSY, moving house, doing uni, getting married, graduating, […]

Lent 2013

I’ve been planning this post for a few days, and am not totally sure what to write. Partly because Hannah has said most of it here, but also because I dont quite know how to sum up the lat 40 days (plus Sundays) that doesnt sound trite. So usually for lent I give up chocolate. […]

Eshet Chayil!!!

So I’m pretty late to this party. I’ve seen a few bits about this written on twitter and in blogs for a while, but I’ve just got round to reading this amazing book (mentioned in my previous post) ‘A year of biblical womanhood.’ In it, the author aims to become the biblical ideal woman. She […]

A quick reminder…

Today I need reminding of why I am doing this no make-up thing. Yesterday an oncology nurse told me I looked ill…thats some comment from a woman who sees critically ill children daily. That knocked my spirits. But 1 Peter 3 v 3&4 says “Your beauty should not come from outward adornment, such as elaborate […]

Time Out

You know when you were young and you were bad, or, in particular when you got yourself so het up that you would scream and cry and couldn’t breathe and most parents knew it was time for you to have a Time Out. I don’t know what yours looked like. Some of my friends were […]