Happy new year!

One of the things we seemed to spend a LOT of time on during my social work degree was the need for reflection. It is a concept which underpins social work practice; looking at what we did, analysing how it went, how it made us feel, what we would do differently next time. Since working […]

What we’ve learned…

Matt and I had our second anniversary last week (and the week before, but thats another story) We’ve been married for 2 years, together for 3 and a half, and more than ever I feel like we’re just learning what it means to be married. I think when we had that beautiful day 2 years […]

Lent 2013

I think I’ve mentioned previously, but I feel strongly that this year I need to focus on Discipline and Stability. I’m trying to have some consistency in my life, and I’m trying to push myself into being more disciplined in a number of different areas. So I gave up chocolate as a New Years resolution […]

Born and Bread…

I SO want to be a natural mother-earth type. I want to be great at baking and cooking and have a kitchen that everyone feels super comfortable in and wants to stay for hours. I want to make my own clothes, fix things instead of binning them and know how to find the thing someone […]

Upcycled awesomeness

I know that the people who read my blog are savvy, smart and sophisticated. I know that many of you are bargain hunters, charity shop fiends and second hand superstars. So check this out… The charity I work for, CLIC Sargent, have launched their own ASOS boutique full of clothes that have been donated to […]